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Are implants possible at my age?

People over the age of ninety have had implants without any problems. An evaluation of your condition is made before starting treatment.

Does it hurt?

Getting implants involves surprisingly little pain. Our staff is there to ensure your comfort both during and after the procedure.

Can I wear my dentures after the procedure?

Yes. During the procedure, your existing dentures will be modified and a soft base added.

How durable are dental implants?

Many people keep their implants for over thirty years. This means that, with proper hygiene, your implants may last the rest of your life.


How often should I change my dentures?

Every five years.

In patients with conventional dentures, we see up to an 80% loss of bone mass in the jaw. Implants stimulate the bone and prevent resorption. After a year, implant retained dentures can restore 90% of your natural bite strength.

The implant acts as an anchor that, once attached to your jaw, provides your dentures with much needed support.

The implant resembles a screw, the shape of which is similar to the roots of your natural teeth, and is made of osteo-integrated titanium, which means that, after a period of about 3 months, bone cells will have fused to the surface of the implant, making it a part of your jaw.

It is our professional responsibility to inform you of all your treatment options for replacing your missing teeth. During your consultation, we will explain how implants stimulate the jaw bone and surrounding musculature, thereby reducing the amount of bone resorption caused by the extraction of your natural teeth.

Implant retained dentures offer performance comparable to that of natural teeth and help to slow bone resorption in the jaw.