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Some Useful Information About Dentures

Thanks to the combined experience of thousands of people with dentures, we know that you should expect an adjustment period of at least one to two weeks. Don't worry! You'll get used to them quickly.

You should not wear unstable dentures. If your dentures are unstable, have them checked immediately. Unstable dentures bruise the soft tissues of the mouth, causing injuries that are prone to infection.

Hot water can cause dentures to lose their shape. Dentures can also lose their shape if left to dry. When you remove your dentures, leave them to soak in water or a suitable cleaning solution to prevent them from drying.

Dentures should be brushed daily and rinsed with cold water. Make sure to brush all surfaces of the dentures. Use a large denture brush with nylon bristles and a rounded tip.

Dentures do not last forever. Check the wear of teeth. Don't forget to visit your dentist or physician. Wearing dentures that are too old can cause ear and headaches.

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